Dogstyle Hundegeschichten Hundewelt

Sommer, Sonne, Hundeleben – in Singapur!

Wir schauen mit Issn’ Rüde! über den berühmten Tellerrand und wollen auf vielfachen Wunsch das Hundeleben in der ganzen Welt veranschaulichen. Anlässlich zum Deepavali-Fest (auch Diwali genennt; fand am 22.10. statt) geht es dieses Mal um einen berühmten Inselstaat auf der anderen Seite der Welt. Doch lest selbst:

Guten Tag! Meine Name ist Sam Forest Loo Lim. Ich bin ein Jack Russell Terrier aus Singapur.

Apologies, but that’s about as much German as I know. (And pardon me if it’s not grammatically correct!)

Anyway, greetings from Singapore! I am Sam, a four-year-old Jack Rascal residing in Singapore! I’ve an eleven-year-old sister, Pecan Woods Loo Lim, who loves nothing more than to boss me around the house (-_-).

Together, we spend our time bullying our parents (aka dog slaves) into giving us what we want.

Oh oh oh… and we also have a blog that our parents created as a chronicle of our (doggies) lives in Singapore!

Singapore is a tropical country and besides occasional thunderstorms, the weather is pretty sunny and warm throughout the year. So, that means that we get to go outdoors all year round too!

However, in comparison to Germany, Singapore is hardly dog-friendly. For a start, pets are not allowed on public transportation, malls and restaurants.

I know it sounds pretty sad. But before you feel too sorry for dogs here, don’t be! The truth is, there are actually plenty of ways for Singaporean pooches and our owners to entertain ourselves!

1. Running wild in the… DOG PARK!

While there is a leash rule in everywhere in Singapore (Yes, we have to be leashed everywhere we go and certain breeds even need to be muzzled in public), like Germany, we also have places that have been zoned out just for dogs! While my country may just be a little red dot on the world map, we have lovely dog parks for us to meet and catch up with our fellow canine friends too!

sam and pecan at Dog parkBildangaben: Bild & Quelle: KY, http://samforestloolim.blogspot.sg/
sam and pecan at Dog park
Bild & Quelle: KY, http://samforestloolim.blogspot.sg/

2. Let’s paddle in the DOGGIE POOL!

Both my sister and I are avid swimmers and are obsessed with toy rescue missions when our parents bring us for a swim. We may be small in size, but we can paddle non-stop for hours if you let us! While we are certainly not allowed in public pools, we have something even better – doggie pools! In fact, we’ve at least four outdoor pools scattered around our island just for our four-legged friends and us! If you’re looking for us on a weekend, trust me, your best bet would be one of the pools!

Sam and Pecan at doggie poolBildangaben: Bild & Quelle: KY, http://samforestloolim.blogspot.sg/
Sam and Pecan at a doggie pool
Bild & Quelle: KY, http://samforestloolim.blogspot.sg/

3. Building sandcastles at the BEACH!

We also get the occasional treat when our parents decide to bring us to the beach instead! (Cleanup is a bitch, hence, it’s not something we do often) Being an island and surrounded by water, it’s no wonder we’ve several beautiful beaches for us to choose from! And nothing beats chasing my sister around the beach and rolling in sand! Hehe, but the biggest satisfaction of all is seeing our parents fret over how to wash the sand off our coats. Ho ho ho…

Sam at the beachBildangaben: Bild & Quelle: KY, http://samforestloolim.blogspot.sg/
Sam at the beach
Bild & Quelle: KY, http://samforestloolim.blogspot.sg/

4. Chowing down our brunch at DOGGIE CAFÉS!

As mentioned earlier, dogs are not allowed in most food establishments. Special licenses are required if you want to let your diners bring their furkids along. Even with that, we are only permitted at alfresco areas. (Sucks I know…) Well, the saving grace… Dog cafés that cater to pet owners and their dogs! In these cool hangouts, we are allowed off-leash to socialize and wrestle with other dogs. While our parents sit back and enjoy their meal, we get to go from table to table begging for scraps! To make it even better, most dog cafés have special menus just for dogs! Wheeeee… what else can we ask for! Beef Meatballs for me please~

Sam at cafeBildangaben: Bild & Quelle: KY, http://samforestloolim.blogspot.sg/
Sam at a café
Bild & Quelle: KY, http://samforestloolim.blogspot.sg/

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